Our Services

No two contracting opportunities are alike - they vary in terms of rates, duration, location and number. Whether you have been offered a long-term contract in your specialist area, or have a number of contracts running simultaneously, or are considering a short-term contract but are new to the idea of contracting, Tandem have the financial solution to suit your needs.

Solutions typically fall into one of three compliant structures and we have elaborated on these below to assist you in understanding the different variants. Once you have identified with Tandem the solution category which suits your current requirements, we can ensure that it is tailored to your needs.

Derived from the Latin meaning: aid, help, assistance, support

This is the Tandem entry level package and is suited to short term contracts of less than 9 months and offering rates between €25ph and €30ph. It is ideally suited to someone entering the Professional Contracting market for the first time, or those commencing a short contract. In this package, you are established in an A Class PAYE structure for the duration of your contract. This affords you the opportunity to undertake a contracting role without losing your A Class status in terms of your PRSI contributions.

Derived from the Latin meaning: to watch over, keep, protect, observe, save, reserve

This is our most utilised package, as it is suited to long-term contracts and rates over €30ph. Many individuals who are new to the Professional Contracting market start with this package. It offers all the benefits of an executive solution with the minimum requirement for paperwork and administration.

Derived from the Latin meaning: alone, unique, extraordinary, individual, singular

This package is appropriate to high-earning Professional Contractors who are committed to contracting for a number of years, who may have a number of different clients and who operate within a market in which branding may be a requirement. In this package, your own company is established and the framework of the accounting is undertaken by Tandem, but your input is required to a greater extent.