How to Get Started

Getting started with Tandem is surprisingly simple, whether you are new to contracting or moving to Tandem from an existing Solution. Once we have had an opportunity to listen to your requirements and identify the optimum solution for you currently, we will email you a starter pack.


Signing Up With Tandem
Our starter packs are user-friendly and easy to complete. You simply fill in your details and email them to us and we can arrange everything for you in a couple of hours. We will require preliminary information relating to you and your contract, so that we can get things in motion. Once we have the outline information, we can send company information to your agent and this will enable them to draw up your contract.

Prior to processing payments, Tandem require information on your tax credit entitlement. This is achieved through your P45, but if there is a delay in obtaining your P45 for any reason we can establish this through a form 12A.

Switching Over to Tandem
If you are already a Contractor and you wish to change over to Tandem, we can assist you in relation to this.

If you have your own company, we can liaise with your existing provider in relation to transferring the accounts.

If you are in a managed solution, you will simply need to resign. We will require your P45 and we will need to establish the date from which we will be invoicing on your behalf.

We will liaise with your agent in relation to any adjustments to their records.