The Tandem Team

Olga Halpenny, Managing Director

Having first worked with Professional Contractors in 1986, it is clear where my passion lies and I take great personal satisfaction in offering compliant financial services to Professional Contractors. One of the biggest lessons I have learned in my career to date is that there are very few people who can speak the specialist language of accountants. There is an obvious need for a service that provides a clear, concise and compliant accounting solution which is totally focused on the needs of the Contractor.


Tandem Accounting Group was established based on this simple premise, and it is at the centre of everything we deliver to our clients. My aim is to bring a simplicity to the contracting process of Timesheets and Expenses by the introduction of an Electronic Shoebox, into which you simply drop your documentation for us to process. This ensures that we require as little of your time as possible. Tandem offers you the opportunity to merge the life of a Contractor with the world of compliant accounting with ease. In short, we will never complicate what we can simplify.

Brendan Coleman, Tax Manager, Cork

I have over 25 years’ experience working in practice, specialising in personal and corporate tax compliance for a broad client base. My clients include sole traders, high net worth individuals as well as small and medium size companies.


In recent years, due to significant growth in demand, I have extended my involvement with the requirements of the constantly evolving contractor market. Ensuring my knowledge and understanding of the nuances within the specialist contracting areas of the Medical, Engineering and IT sectors is up to date at all times.


I strive for excellence when interacting with and advising clients regarding their financial and taxation concerns. This work ethic ensures that all client queries are dealt with in a timely and efficient manner.

Dave Pembrey, Senior Account Manager, Dublin

I have over 25 years’ experience in business, as a business manager and owner. Running my own business, I dealt with all the various aspects of business from administration, banking and tax compliance through to HR issues. I bring this wealth of experience to my role as an Account Manager with Tandem, where I aim to communicate this in an easy to understand language, having been on your side of the fence for so long.


In my opinion, there is nothing worse than jargon - and especially accounting jargon. I will communicate with you jargon-free! I am fully behind the Tandem philosophy of Knowledge, Efficiency and Simplicity, which I believe will become the bywords for contracting in the future.

James Butler, Technical Lead, Cork

I began working with Contractors over 15 years ago and quickly realised that the areas of concern for most people were taxation and compliance with the various regulatory bodies such as Revenue and CRO. Since then, the contract market has expanded into other areas of professional skill and it has been very interesting to watch how things have evolved during that time.


I am very familiar with the area of Contractor expense entitlements. My aim is to maximise Contractors’ financial benefit while ensuring their tax affairs are in order and fully compliant with legislative requirements.


We believe that every client is important and we are very conscious of the fact that a satisfied customer can be the best advertisement for our business. That is why we place such a great deal of emphasis on providing a professional and responsible service all round.

David Gillett, Technical Lead, Dublin

As a professional accountant, working with all sizes of client, from large to small, I bring an extensive range of skills and experience to the Tandem Group. I have worked with and advised Contractors since 1999 and have been through the highs and lows in the contracting world.


My strongest skill is the ability to understand what clients require and how to help them achieve that. And, most importantly, to deliver a professional solution in easy, non-accounting language. I believe that understanding how business works and its ever changing dynamics are key to providing a clear and simple service, keeping our clients up-to-date and compliant. This is the philosophy I bring to Tandem.


Contracting is an ever-changing sector in a rapidly changing world. With Tandem’s skill set and extensive professional resources, I am confident that we can offer you an unbeatable, value-for-money, compact business solution.